Sacrament of Matrimony

Couples interested in getting married at St Agnes, please make an appointment with one of the priests or deacons at the parish office.


  • Notify the Church of their intent to marry at least nine months prior to the preferred wedding date.
  • Take a communication survey approved by the Diocese as the first step in preparation.
  • Attend an introductory class in Natural Family Planning.
  • Acquire necessary documents as required by Canon and Civil law.
  • Comply with a mutually agreed upon schedule of appointments during the preparation time.
  • Enroll in and complete a marriage preparation program recommended by your marriage minister.
  • Collaborate with the priest, deacon, or other minister in preparing the liturgical celebration.

Seek counseling when:

Complete the preparation process with the same priest, deacon, or marriage minister.

  • One of the couple is under age 18
  • There is evidence of lack of maturity, compatibility or emotional stability
  • There is pregnancy involved or prior child birth
  • There is evidence of undue pressure to marry
  • A prior marriage is affecting expectations of the new relationship
  • There is an indication of current or past substanceabuse by one or both parties

Complete the preparation process with the same priest, deacon, or marriage minister.

Couples preparing for a validation of marriage are recommended to attend a Marriage Encounter upon recommendation of their marriage minister.


The First Two Months:

  • Interview with priest, deacon, or marriage minister
  • Begin necessary pre-nuptial forms
  • Acquire Baptism certificates
  • FOCCUS Inventory & Review

The Next Five Months:

Final Two Months:

  • Liturgy planning
  • Music minister consultation
  • Meet with priest or deacon (presider)
  • Complete pre-nuptial forms
  • Obtain marriage license
  • Rehearsal

Celebration of Matrimony

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