Our teaching staff is required to further their education each year through a minimum of 18 hours of professional development. 

Carmen Medrano

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Preschool 3 and 4 years Olds

Carmen Medrano

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I attended Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and am now working on a post Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been working in the childcare industry since 1992 and have been a teacher at St. Agnes School since the 2007/2008 school year. I have been a member of this St. Agnes community since 1981 and have had an active role at St. Agnes School since 1996.  

I enjoy being a preschool teacher at St, Agnes because to nurture, teach and care for young children is very rewarding. Providing action- based activities that grabs and holds the attention of three and four year olds that are constantly in motion and have boundless amounts of energy is what we strive for. Our curriculum covers various areas of a child’s development, such as motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive development and language development.

In my free time I enjoy reading and having some quiet time at Starbucks. I also enjoy spending time with my children. I have 4 children, all of whom have received their elementary education at St. Agnes Catholic School.

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Preschool 4 and 5 year olds

Samantha Leyva

I am a true circle of life as I have received a Catholic education from Pre-K through high school and have been working at St. Agnes since 2009. I graduated from St. Agnes in 2001 and Bourgade Catholic High School in 2005. Since 2011, I have been working toward earning my degree in Child and Family Studies through the internship T.E.A.C.H. Program. As a lead teacher, I am honored to give back to this amazing community all that has been provided to me.

It has been a blessing to find a home away from home and to be part of teaching children at this crucial point in their lives. At this age they absorb so much and at a rapid pace. Introducing a safe and exciting environment will help them grow and let them explore their natural curiosity. The environment will provide them with hands-on learning and a world of opportunities. As their teacher I will be there to assist in their newfound skills to promote their abilities in all areas of development.

In my free time I enjoy reading anything of interest, shopping, and spending time with my family. My two sisters are also graduates of St. Agnes and Bourgade Catholic. I am also an old soul at heart and I love watching black and white movies.